Please find below the process outline of the newly implemented “LOCK PROCEDURE”:

Investor panel Registration
Click the link provided in the respective popup window
eKYC profile page will be opened with your prefilled unchangeable Email address
Fill in all profile information
Click on “save and proceed” button
API message “done” is provided to 4Art backend
Dashboard will be “locked” and then you cannot change payment method and payment amount anymore. Login to eKYC service will be still possible.

a. If the you have to (or like) to login to the eKYC service again, you can click on the link provided in the confirmation Email your received after step (5) and log in with the PWD and 2FA (text message) which you defined in the profile page.
b. If you like to login to the eKYC service via the dashboard, you can do it. In that case, you will be directed to the eKYC login page.

If you have no entered all (or partly) profile information in step (4) you can access the eKYC service via the dashboard only. In this case you will get status as KYC pending in the dashboard but not “done” message was provided via the API yet. Respective you can be contacted by 4Art based upon their “pending but not done message received yet” status.
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